CCREAD-Cameroon organises an entire poor community into a development common initiative group which needs assistance
CCREAD-Cameroon in action in the promotion of good goverance and the fight against corruption
Certificate of Recognition from the World Bank
CCREAD empowered children on organic gardening
Youths appreciate the ICT unit 1 of the Charity Vocational training center under installation
Working towards improving the participation of women in the electoral process
Women leaders trained on leadership, project management, fundraising and entrepreneurship by CCREAD-Cameroon in 2013
Winning attestation for CCREAD Cameroon
Visitors from Europe visit CCREAD-Cameroon’s office and take interest in our First Unit of our Charity Vocational Training Center
Transparency and Accountability training workshop for school managers organised by CCREAD-Cameroon
Trained peer educator and counsellor reads her plan of action to other women after trained by CCREAD-Cameroon
Teenage Mothers representative receiving a support package from CCREAD-Cameroon’s volunteer
Some permanent staff of CCREAD-Cameroon
Rural women delagets eeducated on how to condcut peer education activities by CCREAD-Cameroon
Rise for Nature Program’s environmental education through schools
Recognition of CCREAD-Cameroon by the World Bank
Participatory management PTA training in GTHS Tombel
Miss Nkede Menyange champions leadership training for youths through schools
Many more schools get interested in our school goverance education program, in all regions of Cameroon
Local Community members identifying new project areas with CCREAD-Cameroon
Indiegnous peoples Summit on sustaianble agricultural promotion and community wildlife management integrattion by CCREAD-Cameroon
ICT training for youths
Human rights Peer educator presented with her attestation for completing her training organised by CCREAD-Cameroon
Hilary Ngidee and Lorena Llabaria from Spain at CCREAD-Camroon’s office entrance in Bangem
Goverance education through schools program continues to new schools in Cameroon by CCREAD-Cameroon
Good goverance education campaigns through schools in Cameroon
Environmental Education 3
Enrolling abandoned orphans in school each year
Donations to school children by CCREAD
Continuation of our assistance to poor schools for health and educational enhancement for th needy
Community members trained on resolving conflicts at all levels through negotiation, dialogue and mutual understanding and not through violence. By CCREAD-Cameroon
Transparency and Accountability training workshop for school managers organised by CCREAD-Cameroon
Community leaders grouped and educated on the strategies and best appraoches to tackle poverty through group intiatiatives
CCREAD-Cameroon get awards on the promotion of good goverance
Bringing hope to poor school children and fighting water borne illnesses

CCREAD-Cameroon is joining efforts with other African NGOs towards the empowerment of youths, promoting peacebuilding and social entrepreneurship in Africa

International volunteers working at CCREAD-Cameroon working hard each day campaigning against domestic violence on women and girls in Cameroonian communities. One of the pioneer supporter of the 2014 community base campaigns are the Feminist Review Trust, a UK based charity.

CCREAD-Cameroon engaging Abandoned Cameroonian teenage mothers and unemployed youths in Kupe Muanenguba Division in the planning of projects and programs of common interest in solving youth unemployment in 2014

Rural women and girls with community leaders brought together by CCREAD-Cameroon for human rights education with focus on the respect of the sexual and reproductive rights of women.

CCREAD-Cameroon takes part in Global Human Rights campaigning with a special focus on redefining post 2015 targets

CCREAD-Cameroon in partnership with other NGOs take measures for the effective monitoring and evaluation of Global Funds projects in Cameroon to ensure that field objectives are attained at the end of all projects planned and financed.

 Through school base sessions, Cameroonian youths  are drilled on good leadership and principles of good governance and sustainable development. The kind of education that pays and knowledge that wins.

CCREAD-Cameroon takes part in the training program organized by the  European Union Civil Society Strengthening Program (PASC) in Cameroon on the supportive role of NGOs to government on decentralisation

CCREAD-Cameroon and UNOY Peacebuilders through the Youth in Action Program of the European Commission working to foster peacebuilding through the mobilization of African youths

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Cameroon office field staff with CCREAD-Cameroon’s Hilary Ngide negotiating partnership and setting ACT project implementation guidelines in the promotion of human rights in some rural communities 2012-2014

NGO Leadership exchange between CCREAD-Cameroon and the International secretariat of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY)

The World Bank(GDM program)/CRS staff evaluating CCREAD-Cameroon’s governance program and getting firsthand community response and public feedback


Vision of the organization:
CCREAD-Cameroon targets exposing marginalized children, youths, women and indigenous populations of Cameroon to empowerment and self realization opportunities merged with environmental sustainability through united youth actions.
Mission of CCREAD-Cameroon:
Working in response to adopted community driven strategic plans, CCREAD-Cameroon currently has as mission “To enhance the social, economic, cultural empowerment of children, youths, women and indigenous groups for poverty alleviation, better community organization, improved governance/human rights and environmental conservation and management.

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